Boiler Repairs Bury

Thermal Heating Services are specialist in Boiler repairs in Bury, we are a family run business serving the north west.

Our boiler repair specialists are here to help you with your boiler breakdown.

Boilers can break down any time of year but more commonly in winter when they’re used more frequent.

If your boiler is old and you’re just looking to get it serviced before winter to ensure any problems, you may experience in the future are resolved before the problem occurs.

Then Thermal Heating offer a great pre-winter boiler check.

Already Experiencing problems with your boiler?

If you’re already experiencing Issues with your boiler, then you need a specialist like thermal heating to look it your issue.

Here are some of the common issues with boilers:

  • Radiators are not heating up to temperature?
  • Does your boiler unexpectedly turn itself off?
  • Pilot light keeps going out?
  • Is your boiler or central heating become noisy?
  • Thermostats stopped working correctly?
  • Boiler or radiators leaking fluid?
  • Boiler Losing Pressure

These are some of the common problem we see when visiting our customers’ homes or businesses for boiler repairs.

When contacting Thermal heating please tell us the exact problem you are experiencing.

Central Heating Bury

Thermal heating services can also repair your central heating systems or install new systems to your home or business.

Our central heating systems are reliable and well-known brands within the plumbing industry.

Installing new central heating systems is a big job and may roll over several days to complete, it consists of laying new pipes from the boiler to the radiator systems in the house.

Contacting Thermal Heating Solutions

If you’d like to contact thermal heating, you can do so by either sending us an email and we will reply to your enquiry as quickly as possible.

For more urgent enquiries please call us direct.

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